Methods in Higher Forcing Axioms

MEHIFOX is a a research oriented workshop on the topic of higher forcing axioms. The workshop will take place between 10th to 12th of September 2019 at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK.

The goal of the workshop is to initiate an effort to reorganise and advance the methods used in the research of higher forcing axioms. These include side conditions and iterations, as well as the study of the effects of higher forcing axioms to higher Baire spaces and to the general combinatorics of the set theoretic universe.

A summary of the workshop will be posted online shortly after the workshop takes place as part of our effort to make the topic of higher forcing axioms more accessible.


Seeing how the goal is to work together, the format of the workshop is not going to be based on lectures. Instead the goal is to discuss a particular set of problems in the morning, and then work in smaller groups until the late afternoon and regroup to discuss our progress again.

Problems: The list of possible topics can be found in this pdf file. Please suggest more problems, and let us know which ones you find the most attractive. We will take these into consideration when deciding which ones will be used. Let us also know if you want to present a certain problem from the list.

Schedule: We will have a fairly similar schedule for the three days of the meeting:
9:30–10:30D'Arcy Thompson Room meeting for a joint discussion
10:30–11:00Coffee break
11:00–11:45D'Arcy Thompson Room meeting for a joint discussion
11:45–12:30Working in groups
12:30–14:00Lunch break
14:00–15:30Working in groups
15:30–16:00Coffee break
16:00–17:30D'Arcy Thompson Room meeting for a joint discussion
We will have lunch at the Sainsbury's Art Centre, coffee breaks will take place in the School of Mathematics Library.


Left to right: Teruyuki Yorioka, Tadatoshi Miyamoto, Mirna Džamonja, Dorottya Sziraki, Uri Abraham, Boban Veličković, Miguel Ángel Mota, David Asperó.


Due to its experimental format we want to keep the number of participants small. If, however, you wish to participate, you may send an email to one of the organisers. The last date for doing so is May 30th, 2019. Unfortunately we cannot offer any financial support.

Practical information


Norwich is easily accessible from any of the London airports, but particularly from the London Stansted airport, as well as its very own Norwich Airport (mainly operated by KLM from Schiphol in Amsterdam).

To get around town First Bus operates buses and lines 25, 26 and 26A run between the train station and the university campus. For those who arrive and leave by train we strongly recommend taking the "PLUSBUS" option, this provides a free day ticket for the day of arrival (or departure), and it is significantly cheaper than even a single ride.


Any pre-arranged accommodation will be on the UEA campus at the Broadview Lodge. If you need to book additional or separate accommodations, please let us know and we can suggest hotels nearby.


The University of East Anglia has an eduroam network.

Conference dinner

We will have the conference dinner at The Last Wine Bar on Wednesday the 11th, we will meet there at 19:30 for pre-dinner drinks.


David Asperó and Asaf Karagila
This event is possible due to the generous support of the London Mathematical Society and the School of Mathematics at the University of East Anglia.