Choiceless Elementary Embeddings of Sets

12–14 September 2022, University of Leeds

Picture of a Stinking Bishop cheese
(Stinking Bishop Cardinal cheese, image from Wikipedia.)

CHEESE is a small workshop geared towards building a basis for future work in the topic of choiceless large cardinals defined via elementary embeddings.

The goal is to identify problems and methods which are important for the study of choiceless large cardinals and elementary embeddings.


Seeing how the goal is to work together, the format of the workshop is not going to be based on lectures. Instead the goal is to discuss problems and methods during throughout the day.

Problems: The list of possible topics can be found in this pdf file. Please suggest more problems and let us know which ones you find the most attractive. We will take these into consideration when deciding which ones will be used. Let us also know if you want to present a certain problem from the list.



Local participants

Group photo


Due to its research-oriented format we want to keep the number of participants small. If, however, you wish to participate, you may send an email to one of the organisers. The last date for doing so is July 31st, 2022.

Practical information


Leeds has its own airport (Leeds–Bradford Airport) and it is also fairly accessible through the Manchester International Airport.

Unfortunately, the railway workers' living conditions are dire, and they may be striking through the entire summer. This is not something you can take into account months or even weeks in advance. But mostly these strikes are well-announced before. If you rely on a train as part of your journey, be sure to check this before arriving or plan around it.

While not generally a "walking around city", due to its size, the distances between the hotel, university, and city centre are short enough to be easily walked. Google Maps has up-to-date information on bus services around the city, and Uber can be used if needed.


The University of Leeds has an eduroam network.

Conference dinner

The conference dinner will take place in Comptoir Libanais on Tuesday, 13 September, at 19:00. The restaurant is located in Trinity Centre.

Other things

The workshop will end on Wednesday, and after a free day on Thursday, Leeds will host a Set Theory in the UK (STUK) meeting with speakers and participants from all over the UK. We encourage those who come to the conference to stay for that conference as well.


Asaf Karagila, Jonathan Schilhan, and Carla Simons. This workshop is funded by UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship [MR/T021705/2].