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...And we're back!

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Okay, I took the time to make some changes to my homepage.

Clearly, the theme is different now. I also changed the content of the Papers page. I removed the abstracts (for some reason I thought this is going to be a cool thing to have, but with time it grew to annoy me greatly). I will definitely post a few things there in the coming time, some notes and eventually some nice papers -- I hope!

I also put back some of the blog posts. About half didn't make the cut, but that's fine. Nothing really important in them anyway.

Now back to work... or something.

(P.S. I'm kinda of annoyed by the fact that the text width is so... small. There's way too much dead space on my monitor right now.)

There are 2 comments on this post.

By Peter
(Apr 01 2014, 01:44)

Woohoo! Awesome news! Welcome back to the never ending party ;-)

By Asaf Karagila
(Apr 01 2014, 10:03 In reply to Peter)

I hope you're being sincere and it's not some April Fools prank! ;-)

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