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I don't like social media very much. I never really subscribed to the whole Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Google Wave, Google+, and what have you social network sort of approach that you need to have "friends" and "followers" and "follow" other people.

I always preferred to be the master of my domain. The king of my castle. But literally, not the Seinfeld euphemisms sense. In any case. I've been thinking about a page where I can post short thoughts about math, life and otherwise. The blog is not suitable, since I'm not going to add a post each time I have a new thought. So instead I've started a blurbs page. Each blurb has a number, and an anchored link that you can use in case you want to share it.

You can find the first blurb here. And it is, in fact, set theoretic in nature. It is something that I realized one time when I was talking to students on the first class of the semester in the introduction to set theory course.

There is one comment on this post.

By David Roberts
(Jul 31 2015, 11:40)

Shouldn't they be listed in reverse chronological order? Otherwise I might pop there to see the latest, and have to scroll a looong way down. Compare Shelah's archive...

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