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Turning Green!

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Well, it's that special day of the year again. The holiest of days. The day we celebrate the patron of alcohol enthusiasts, Saint Patrick. So raise your whiskey glasses (my recommendation is Jameson 12 for those with deep pockets; Kilbeggan for those with shallow pockets), your Guinness pints, and wear green. Because tomorrow is all about soaking your brains in ethanol while listening to Irish folk songs, Irish punk rock (Thin Lizzy and Flogging Molly, for example) and other drinking songs.

(Also, remember when this blog used to have mathematical content? If you do, you're not celebrating St. Patrick's Day right, and you might want to consider another drink.)

There are 2 comments on this post.

By Peter
(Mar 17 2015, 19:26)

Hooray! Here is a promise to raise a glass of whiskey later (though I fear it might have to be whisky).

By Asaf Karagila
(Mar 17 2015, 20:06 In reply to Peter)

On this greenest of days? Shame. :-)

But it's better than nothing, I guess. I cannot stress enough my recommendation on Jameson 12.

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