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Open Problems!

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I've decided to have a list of open problems on my site. I am no Erdős, nor Hilbert, nor Knuth.

But I want my own problems page, and it's my site. So to celebreate the new website, I created just that. For the first couple of problems, I've chosen to focus on the axiom of choice. And I don't think that I have much choice, but to keep that interest running. But I can promise that this is not the only type of problems that I will add there.

Some of the problems come with material prize (as opposed to just eternal glory that comes with none of them). There are some rules and limitations, it's all there on the page. You can even suggest problems of your own! (But in that case you also have to put some material prize.)

Let me finish by requesting that you help spread the news of this page. I think that this can be a fun resource. While I am not going to post a blog update on every problem that I add, but I promise to try and update when something big is added (e.g. a problem I view as very significant, solutions, or someone putting up a ridiculously awesome prize).

There are no comments on this post.

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