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Zornian Functional Analysis coming to arXiv!

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Back in autumn 2015 I took a functional analysis course with Prof. Matania Ben-Artzi, and he let me write a term paper about uses of the axiom of choice in functional analysis for my final grade. One year later, in October 2016, I finally posted the note here. It then received some feedback from some people, and about a year after that I posted a small revision.

Earlier this week I suggested my note as a source for the proof that the Baire Category Theorem is equivalent to Dependent Choice. After doing that, I stumbled upon an errata by Theo Bühler and Dietmar A. Salamon to their Functional Analysis book, which refers to my write-up.

It made me realise that perhaps it would be a good idea to post this on arXiv, so it will have a bit more permanence and the link to it can be a bit more stable for those who wish to refer to this note. (I don't believe there is a point in submitting this to a journal, but if anyone thinks otherwise, I'm open to hear suggestions.)

In order to minimise the number of revisions on arXiv, I'm going to wait until the end of October to post this, so if you have any comments, you can send me and I'll fix it before posting. I'll update the version on this site as we go along until that date.

There are no comments on this post.

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