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What is best in science?

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It was foretold of a legendary scientist, one who would master all of mathematics, all of physics, all of chemstiry, all of biology, some of engineering, bits of psychology, and none of economics. Truly, they were a Master of Science, complete with an M.Sc. and all that.

One night, drinking around a campfire with their students, one of them asked: "Master, what is best in science?"

Without delay, the master answered:

"The best thing is to be wrong. The second best thing is to be right. The worst thing, however, the worst thing is to wrongly believe you're right."

The student, confounded by the answer, followed up: "How can the best thing is being wrong?"

And the master retorted,

"If you are wrong, you have the capacity to learn more."

Eventually, the M.Sc. completed their Ph.D. and learned that the best thing is to be right, since it allows you to advance science, but they have maintained their view that being wrong is a good thing, as long as you're aware of that. The confounded student went on to get a job in the industry, make a lot of money, and on occasion wonder what if they had stayed in academia. But that is not the point of this story.

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