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Mathematical T-Rex

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Ever explained to a "working mathematician" about the undecidability of the continuum hypothesis? I bet you too had felt like this T-Rex.

T-Rex: CH

(Thanks to Matt Inman of The Oatmeal for the template, which can be found here.)

P.S. You can expect more of these in the future.

There are 5 comments on this post.

By Stefan
(Sep 03 2015, 17:07)

To be fair, this was pretty much my reaction, when I first learned about Woodin cardinals and the stationary tower forcing :D

By Andres E Caicedo
(Sep 05 2015, 17:01 In reply to Stefan)

Strange not to the react to the appearance of elementary embeddings that are not liftings. That was a fundamental part of the original fascination with Martin's Maximum.

(Love the scary countdown before the comment becomes locked.)

By Stefan
(Sep 05 2015, 23:37 In reply to Andres E Caicedo)

It wasn't the only results in set theory triggering this kind of reaction, but the first that came to mind.

By Asaf Karagila
(Sep 05 2015, 17:05 In reply to Andres E Caicedo)

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