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Prikry Forcing Online

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My new postdoc, Jiachen Yuan, suggested it will be a good idea to have a one-day workshop on Prikry forcing. And I agreed, so we're doing this. You can find more details on the website right here. Here are the highlights:

  1. We'll do this online on December 14th;
  2. there are four invited speakers: Alejandro Poveda (HUJI), Tom Benhamou (TAU), Sittinon Jirattikansakul (CMU), and Chris Lambie-Hanson (VCU);
  3. there are two sessions of mini-talks (10 minutes each), open for any early career researcher wanting to give a quick overview or present a very short proof on any set theoretic topic.

There is an additional agenda here: we want to give early career researchers an opportunity to speak. Many people who rely on the networking done in summer conferences to find jobs missed that chance this year. Even some event took place online, there's no substitute to the lunchtime discussions, or the coffee breaks, or the beer in the evening. So at the very least we wanted to give a small chance for some people to give a short talk. This is also the reason the invited speakers are themselves early career researchers.

If you're not an early career yourself, but you have students or postdocs, this is a good opportunity for them to get their name out there. And it is also a good opportunity to check out potential future collaborators for yourself!

We currently only have 7 speaker slots for the short talks, so this will be a first-come-first-served basis. Although if we see there are more speakers, we might add a few more slots.

If you're interested in attending (or speaking), please register! And for any questions, feel free to email me or Jiachen at jiachen.yuan@no luck, spammer!

There are no comments on this post.

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