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120 Years of Choice: Final call for registration!

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Continuing from last two posts, this is a final reminder to register to 120 Years of Choice. Registration ends next week on the 20th of June.

We are very excited about the speakers and the poster presentations! The titles and abstracts are now available through our website (a few are TBD, but should be filled in soon enough).

If you are planning to come, it's important that you register on time so we can have a good estimate of how many people are coming. So please register on our website!

Despite the name and the affinity of its organisers, the subject of the conference is not the Axiom of Choice. There's no excuse to miss talks about iterated forcing, about Aronszajn trees, and yes, about the Axiom of Choice!

So, if you're interested in attending, now is your chance to register!

There are no comments on this post.

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